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Internship Details

About Internship:

We're on a mission to change how the world consumes the news.
We are looking for a superstar, someone who knows they're brilliant and is looking for a way to prove it. We're seeking an extraordinary web developer looking for a real chance at making an impact, not just saddled with an 'internship project'. At The Global Student Data Initiative, we're building the future of news consumption, one that starts online and we want you to join our web development team to make that dream a reality.
Over the course of the summer, you'll work with and be mentored by a global team of experienced web developers and work on creating our news splash page - the first point of interaction for visitors to our news platform. You'll get to envision, design and program how the world interacts with GSDI and work directly with our global Technology Lead. You'll also have the opportunity to work on internal tooling for the initiative and dip your toes into some backend work, so you can leave a lasting impact - externally and internally.
This internship is focused on you - we want our interns the learn the most they can, and believe that they can only do that by being thrown into real projects with real work.
If you're looking to spend your summer actually doing something meaningful, hit us up!

Roles and Responsibilities:

1. Working with with web development team to build the main splash page and internal data uploading tool.
2. Understanding & utilising human-centered design philosophies to provide the ultimate user experience
3. Being awesome


1. A bloody cool resume addition - "Developed the main splash page and created critical internal tools for an international news organisation"
2. A certificate of accomplishment
3. The cash, obviously. Top performers will be offered a cash stipend of at least the minimum, rising higher with scale of impact.
Pro tip: We look for people who work cause they love what they do, but we sure as hell know how to reward extraordinary work.

No. of Positions


Application Deadline

Apply by: 15th Jun `20


Rs. 5000-50000

About Company

The world has changed, the news hasn't.

The news sucks - we all know that. From biased coverage, to unreliable assertions and even blatant mistruths - every existing news organisation is just a different degree of bad. But every year, millions of reliable data points are collected by students around the world - for classes, personal projects and seminal papers. By itself, each dataset is worth very little, but when stacked along with hundreds of similar sets, it's worth its weight in interpretive gold. Most of this valuable data though, is trashed soon after, eliminating its massive interpretive potential. Meanwhile, we're fed immensely misleading content by the media often amplifying anecdotal or unreliable sources. At the Global Student Data Initiative, we aim to hit these two birds with one stone. We're on a mission to create the largest consortium of student-collected data in the world and tell true stories about the youth using insights generated from that data. We are pioneering the upcycling of currently wasted effort into the best source of information on the youth, for the youth.

It's time we revolutionised data story-telling.

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