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Internship Details

About Internship:

We are From Red18Tech; Bangalore. We offer Digital marketing, Marketing Analytics, Data Analysis & Business Analytics Consulting & Services. At the same time we provide IT training & Placement Services for Management & Engineering graduates.
Java Internship:
Objectives of Internship: -
Working on the project assigned by the company.
Required training will be given
Eligibility: Students who are pursuing: -
1. Working on the project
2. Working on both Front-end and Back-end of the project
3. Performing day to day tasks
• Project Training and Implementation
• Internship Certificate.
• Based on performance students may get a L.O.R(Letter Of Recommendation)
• This Internship also give you job opportunities on Completion with an extra Ordinary performance • Each Intern will be assigned under a team and supervised by a trainer for live projects.
Contact Bhavya@ 9900725044 We also provide #internship on #java #python #php #dotnet #Android #machinelearning #AI #IOT #embeddedsystems #Digitalmarketing

Roles and Responsibilities:

1. Working on the project
2. Working on both Front-end and Back-end of the project
3. Performing day to day tasks


1.Internship Certificate.
2.Job Assurance

No. of Positions


Application Deadline

Apply by: 1st Mar `20


Rs. 3000-5000

About Company

Tech learning Solution is a division of RED18TECH.  Tech learning Solution (TLS) is a centre of excellence in information & technology. TLS offers extensive training courses designed to upskill a workforce and provide job opportunities for candidates. 

TLS certifies and trains candidates in the latest technologies to equip candidates with the aptitude required to excel. The primary goal of TLS is to produce strategic training outcomes that will meet the demands of a growing IT workforce.

TLS is the preferred choice for candidates looking to further their careers in IT because of our success in achieving the best results.

At Tech Learning Solution, we employ what is called the TDC method. TDC stands for Training, Development and Consultancy. TDC covers every aspect of directing a candidate towards a profession of their dreams.

Rigorous training sessions observe a project-oriented methodology that applies powerful software tools to the test. A career in IT is a concerted effort towards advanced policies in information & technology.

Experts with immense experience in workforce upskilling and technical training, combine essential values with an enhanced learning environment. The greatest potential of this generation is nurtured through access to technology, creating future professionals that impact the trends of industries.

Candidates identified as an integral contributor to IT specialization are assisted with jobs in leading corporations to tackle the RQG. Specialized job roles, enterprise exposure and project experience make up the professional that the IT industry demands.

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