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Internship Details

About Internship:

I am looking for research interns to work with me on various topics in the fields of computer vision and robotics. The applications in these domains range from object detection to 3D scene reconstruction. These applications use traditional geometric computer vision techniques to modern deep learning algorithms.

I will guide and help interns by having regular meetings and giving them freedom to work on topics that spark their interest.

There would be a proper way of conducting research - starting from literature survey, topic selection and adding novel contributions to develop a good project. The initially decided topics are 3D reconstruction from stereo cameras, SLAM algorithms, object detection and tracking algorithms.

The internship as such is unpaid. But if are having some financial problems and need money to support yourself or your family, then we can discuss this during the interview.

1. Proficient in C++ and/or Python
2. Basics of geometric computer vision or deep learning (not must)
3. I expect that the students are fully dedicated towards the internship project and make it, the highest priority.

If you are the one who can dedicate yourself to a task and see that you stick with it, till its finished - then please apply.

If you juggle between multiple projects and do everything with partial commitment, please stay away and do not apply.

Roles and Responsibilities:

1. Come up with the topic for research and development based on thorough learning.
2. Learn Computer Vision or Deep Learning concepts and understand state of the art algorithms for the chosen topic.
3. Develop novel algorithms or improve existing algorithms that decrease the failure rate and improve accuracy of existing algorithms for selected application.
4. Efficient implementation and evaluation of developed algorithms
5. Research report or paper submission based on the novelty


1. Work on cutting edge topics
2. Career guidance for higher education in US and Europe
3. Access to cloud computing services based on the need

No. of Positions


Application Deadline

Apply by: 14th Nov `20


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About Company

Stryker is a medical device company, which develops various robotic and computer vision based products to make health care better.

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