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Internship Details

About Internship:

Opportunity to work for a Global Discovery App and reach out to high potential travel ambassadors globally to create a strong worldwide user base. Explore the app at - https://bit.ly/2Skmlu2

Roles and Responsibilities:

1. Shortlist and reach out to Travel Ambassadors & Influencers across allocated cities through Instagram
2. Build up strong social media presence to increase conversions and attract travel ambassadors across different regions
3. Build high-burst Marketing campaigns to create buzz around new initiatives to drive up user acquisition
4. Contribute to & Test Early features on the App, before Global Releases
5. Monday Marketing Mania - Participate in weekly challenges to Pitch your marketing ideas to promote the company’s social media/user outreach or introduce new features in the App to create stickiness and drive virality.

1. Must be an avid social media user
2. Must be well acquainted with harnessing Instagram as a reach out tool
3. Must be Self-motivated to work in a remote environment
4. Must take initiatives to be not he ball and kick-start new marketing & social media initiatives
5. Preferred: Relevant Marketing/Social Media experience in the Past.


Step-up Program:
* Become a team lead to handle your own team. Guide their daily deliverables, strive for excellence and report to marketing leads.
* Handle a social media account independently of the Company along with your team.
* Graduate to handling shortlisted travel ambassadors by communicating and converting requests across Instagram accounts.
* Receive a special Team Lead Internship Certificate

No. of Positions


Skills Required

Application Deadline

Apply by: 15th Jun `20


Rs. 3000-3000

About Company

We are a Technology startup, growing a Global discovery platform to change the way the world discovery travel. 

Introducing an Intuitive way to discovery exciting things to do through icons on a map and pick up real -time information from fellow travellers through engaging story experiences. 

Explore the App at - https://bit.ly/2Skmlu2

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