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Internship Details

About Internship:

A research associate has responsibilities in gathering data from primary and secondary sources of information, organizing and analyzing this material, and preparing written reports to superiors. The research associate either becomes an expert in specific areas or is utilized as a generalist to cover a broad range of products, markets, industries, etc. The end purpose of the job is to provide helpful information and analysis for decision-makers.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Priority will be given to applicants with business backgrounds; however, all majors will be considered
Must be comfortable with data mining activities
Must be quick at typing, great with technology, and proficient with all Microsoft Office products, especially Excel
EFFECTIVE written and verbal communication skills are absolutely required for this role.

No. of Positions


Application Deadline

Apply by: 27th Nov `19


Rs. 14000-16000

About Company

short hills is a multi-nation team of people from diverse backgrounds and are rooted in the Indian soil with access to a large global talent pool of professionals. 

ShortHills love building teams and have built its own team from a generous talent pool helmed by the co-founders who have the experience of building teams as large as 250 people.

A typical day at ShortHills is part work, part fun. Our office premise is merrily tucked in a vibrant corner of Gurugram and is only a few feet away from everything good the city has to offer. We have an agile yet sensational team that likes to make the most of their day, whether at work or after work.

We take pride in our agile yet very diverse team that includes smart web researches, technology geeks, marketing honchos, and the sly data analysts. Together, we work with our teams from across the globe to cater to a multitude of requests from our clients.

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