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Internship Details

About Internship:

Research on Coronavirus and Life Long Health Solutions of various countries. Already 20+ countries research has been done.

Roles and Responsibilities:

1. Research on Coronavirus and Life Long Health Solutions of various countries. Already 20+ countries research has been done.
2. Collaborate with other teams
3. Work as per the dynamic needs of Beat The Virus.



1. Offer Letter

2. Recommendation Certificate subject to quality of work done

3. LinkedIn recommendation subject to quality of work done

4. BTV Team Members as references in your resume subject to quality of work done

5. Valuable Work Experience

6. *As till we either get Investments (which now we will actively work on and the chances of getting Investments are very high as we are offering Life Long Health and pandemic solutions) or Assignments' revenues, we have a limited budget for expenses, in terms of Monetary benefits Other than those mentioned in below points, when the Investments come in or Revenues start coming from Approximately March 2021 or later; we will give you Rs 2,000 per month + Performance Based Incentives gradually over a period of months subject to how much revenues Team Beat The Virus earns. March 2021 is our Target but Revenues may get delayed due to various reasons. Gradually Payments for all the months you work for Beat The Virus from the date of joining will be given. We all need to try our best to succeed in earning sufficient money to be able to share it among ourselves through our Finance Team. In case of any clarifications regarding this please email to btv.humanpotential@gmail.com*

7. *On referring Consultants (Experts who can join and contribute in BTV Teams), by emailing to referrals.btv@gmail.com; 20% of the 1st Assignment's revenue received by the Consultant would be given to the Intern as Referral Reward.*

8. *If you refer your friends for Internship with BTV by either Whatsapping Hermin on 9840732503 or emailing to hr@increaseimmunity.org and 1 or more friends join and stay with BTV for at least 90 days, then customized goodies will be sent to you depending on the number of friends who join or you can choose to have the amount transferred to you.*

9. *If you refer Your or Any other College for College Recruitments for BTV by emailing to hr@increaseimmunity.org and at least 5 Students join as Interns from that College, then depending on the number of Students who join within 30 days of the start of recruitment, customized referral award would be sent to you or you can choose to have the amount transferred to you.*

10. *_The satisfaction of being a Corona Warrior._*

11. *After completing the Internship, an E-Certificate for the Internship will be sent.*

12. *Those Leaders and Top 3 Performers of all 17 Teams who fulfill certain criteria; will be given budgets within which they can choose Customized Awards with or without BTV logo from a Google sheet having product and price list of VistaPrint website with links or choose to have the budget amount credited to their Google Pay/Paytm/Bank account, etc. Post which we will coordinate and have the Awards delivered to your address or credit the amount. We will also be emailing Award E-Certificates.*

No. of Positions


Application Deadline

Apply by: 15th Mar `21


Rs. 0

About Company

For Preventing Coronavirus and building Life Long Health, Beat The Virus through its 400+ Team Members offers Consultancy and Deployment of 15+ Categories of Immunity Boosting Solutions for Staff Working from Home and their Families Globally. We also offer Work from Office Immunity Solutions in India, Spain, Italy, Germany, UK, France, USA and other countries.

Please visit us on www.increaseimmunity.org