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Internship Details

About Internship:

Job description for SALES & MARKETING Intern
• Understanding the Nature of Business and Product Details.
• Product Presentation.
• Leads and Sales Generation.
• Creating Marketing Pitches.
• Digital Marketing and New Vendor Registration.
• Interacting with Potential Customers for Demonstration and Presentation.
• Conducting Research and Analyzing Data to Identify and Define Audiences.
• Maintaining Accurate Records and Updating Database in Excel daily.
• Organizing Sales Visits, Attending, Trade Exhibitions, Conferences and Meetings.
• Reviewing Sale Performances and aiming to achieve Monthly Targets.

Roles and Responsibilities:

1. Marketing the Products available on the website and conducting Market Research to analyze prospective clients and target groups
2. Conducting Sales of products mentioned on the website and persuading clients to purchase them
3. Preparing Reports of daily activities and tasks completed


1.Internship Program, Certificate of Excellence, Certificate/Letter of Recommendation.
2.10% Incentives are based on performance.

No. of Positions


Application Deadline

Apply by: 17th Jun `21


Rs. 1000-1000

About Company

Universal Tribes was Est in 2017, ever since we are working towards the empowerment & upliftment of Tribal communities in India. We have skilled artists & experienced farmers working along with us.

We ensure that tribal artists & farmers are preserving the artwork & getting an appropriate monetary value for the hard work they do. Tribal communities are already strong & rich enough in terms of art & health & as a part of this society, it’s our duty to help them become economically strong as well. Our online & offline portals are there to feature tribal artists & farmers, to showcase the significant art they make & the beneficial crops they produce to keep this society healthy. Universal Tribes keep backing the tribal artists & tribal farmers to meet their expectations of living. Letting the world know about them, their artwork & vice versa.

Our mission is to enhance the lifestyle of our customers, tribal artists & tribal farmers. We keep encouraging our tribal artists & tribal farmers to create the beautiful artwork & healthy staple foods. We’ve created digital & traditional platforms open for the world, so anybody could contribute by buying these amazing artworks & healthy food from www.universaltribes.com. We provide the desired value to our tribal artists & tribal farmers. We are making sure that your every single purchase goes for the empowerment & upliftment of tribal communities.

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