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Internship Details

About Internship:

We’re looking for the smartest hustlers the rockstars just like you. If you are currently in your 2nd or 3rd-year of Engineering, register here and you will get a chance to work with us as our Official Campus Hustler and take charge of our Student Communities in your college and your city.

Build student communities and developer circles around your colleges and connect the most awesome developers to each other, blooming startups and companies.

Roles and Responsibilities:

1. Introduce new and experienced programmers to Skillenza platform from your college
2. Conduct one full-fledged programming challenge every month on the Skillenza platform in which Skillenza will provide prizes to the winners
3. Create a Skillenza Whatsapp and Telegram group for your college and use it to promote activities and information about Skillenza in your college
4. Indulge in the activities and initiations by Skillenza.
5. Will take care of Institute collaboration and will proceed with initial and final development and execution.


1. Certificate and letter of recommendation.
2. Internship and job opportunity.
3. Win Amazon vouchers, Skillenza schwag packs and much more.
4. Be a part of Skillenza expert program.
5. Get a chance to attend events by Microsoft, Amazon and other companies.
6. Create a full-fledged product on Data Science, Machine Learning and other technologies, Push the same to your GitHub and Resume.
7. Assistance in Placement with the mentors from Skillenza.

No. of Positions


Application Deadline

Apply by: 1st Feb `20


Expenses Covered

About Company

Skillenza is the optimum gap filler between required market-ready skills and the current college student skill set. We directly address the growing concerns of students & job seekers while connecting the right person with the right opportunity.

Focusing on Studen communities and Student-driven platform for creating and assembling an ultimate pool of developers.