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About Internship:

Are you one of those who asked 'why can't lessons and learning be more interesting in schools? If you are having a DejaVu then this message is for you. Sciensation, the thought leader’s cradle, is scouting for young rebels who can un-learn, re-learn and help in bringing out a research revolution, for the next generation of thinkers, impact-makers, and champions of change.

Help us in getting India to develop independent and original thinking, by re-imagining middle-school Mathematics and English curriculum to groom thought leaders and young disruptors out of school students.
We look for young minds with strong analytical thinking, spontaneity in brainstorming and documentation skills. (full-time in Hyderabad, as well as work from home part-time).

About Sciensation
Sciensation.tv is into Textbook Publishing and nurtures thought leaders out of school children by exposing them to Philosophy so they could extrapolate out of textual contents into inter-disciplinary cross-functional real-life problem-solving.

Recruitment Process
Level1- Documentation Faculties: Writing assignment
Level2- Structured Thinking: Writing Assignment.
Level-3- Spontaneity in brainstorming: Telephonic Interview


These questionnaires show you the role of open-ended questionnaires and leading questions in education. The objective is to get children to venture beyond the robotic one-correct answer using one method into a creative- perspective and dialogue-based mode of education.

Roles and Responsibilities:

1. Undergo Sciensation training to understand Structured Thinking, Socratic Thinking and Design Thinking.

2. Develop primary and middle school Mathematics/English curriculum.

3. Pilot the content in partner schools, to evolve it and make it child-friendly.


Why take up this opportunity
1- You learn to learn, with Philosophy, so you can read/complete courses at a rapid pace.
2- Be a part of the research revolution being carried out in collaboration with great researchers and institutions like IIIT Hyderabad, Pearl Infinity, JGI Schools and Tejasvi Vidyaranya.
3- Experience high quality intellectual/cerebral work.
4- Exposure by networking with thought leaders, researchers through Socratic Dialogue programmes.
5- Sciensation alumni are now at world-class universities/companies like KPMG/PwC/ISB/INSEAD.

No. of Positions


Skills Required

Application Deadline

Apply by: 30th Dec `19


Rs. 2000-3000

About Company

Sciensation is an IISER alumni venture which brings the best academic practices from universities like MIT / Harvard / IISERs to Indian schools. Sciensation is probably the only education organization to introduce kids to Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Mathematics and Philosophy of Language, at school level. This has enabled Sciensation to get 4th graders to develop Design Thinking projects, 6th graders to do a skit on Differential Calculus and in getting 7th graders to take on college students, in a competition on Eric Ries Lean Startup (to reduce product dev cycle).

TEDx talk of Mr Tarun, Founder, sciensation.tv

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