Zoom Abroad is a one-stop holistic online platform aiming to empower international students to decide their future by providing them with the right tools to find the best-fit university. The platform uses the latest Ai technology to provide 100% custom-made options and services based on the individual requirement of the student. 

The United Kingdom is considered the second most popular study destination for international students. Since the pandemic hit, the number of applications to UK universities has increased to an impressive record of 90,000 applications making it the most popular destination currently for international students to pursue their higher education. In addition to this, the UK Government has also introduced the 2-year post-study work visa for international students who are eligible to work in the UK if they graduate post the summer of 2021.

Zoom Abroad is a UK based leading Ed-tech company that has proudly partnered with 100% UK universities. Its distinctive features are designed to create a seamless experience for international students by providing exceptional choices, a unique eligibility checker, in-depth content, real-time tracking, and high responsiveness basis their requirements. We support them throughout the process till they have enrolled.  

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