What is Youth Patra?

Here, at Youth Patra, we are giving the youth an open platform dedicated just for youths where you could express your thoughts and vision.

Why Youth Patra?

Youtube is a great example of how people in performing arts are using such digital platforms to express themselves and create an impact. What if they didn’t have the platform? The world would have not been the same, wouldn’t it? 

But what about those who don't want to be on camera.And all they need is a space – a platform – to pour their stories out. The youth has a lot to talk, share and discuss about. Things that are rarely discussed otherwise like the stereotypical beauty standards, the political red herrings, homophobia, mob lynching, mental health, diplomacy, paedophilia, atheism, STDs, drugs and so on and on.

Youth Patra is giving you that space. 

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