TopTrove Foundation works to educate students from every street of India and abroad. We aim to work for the all-around development of an individual. We stand here to give them resources and guide them in their career and foster them with knowledge. We not only enrich the students with the knowledge of their curriculum but also, help them connect with people who would help in their growth and create emphatic social bonds. We are here to establish a community by which everyone can have their self-growth and a platform to reward their skills. We also aim towards creating an atmosphere for the students, which is free from the toxicity created by social media, and focus on facilitating them with reliable content.

Details of the Internship:-

1. Duration - 1 Week

2. Minimum Collection During Internship - 500

3. Incentives - If you collected more than 1000 than you will get 10% of the collected amount

4. As we are an NGO we will use that collected amount for reaching our goal. These are the following goals:-

    - Currently our goal is to reach out to as many students as possible and educate them.

    - Soon we will be entering in health industry and social work.

5. Work from home


1. Certificate of completion of Internship.

2. If raised more than 1000 than certificate with Letter of Recommendation(LOR)

Internships by Top Trove

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