Techfest is IIT Bombay's annual Science and Technology festival. Under the patronage of UNESCO, UNICEF, Make in India, Digital India, SAYEN, CEE, Techfest is well established as Asia's Largest Science and Technology Festival with a footfall of 1,75,000+ people and a wide social media reach with over 3 million Facebook followers. Acting as a platform to promote science and technology, we have an outreach across 2500+ Indian and over 500+ overseas colleges.

Techfest is entirely managed by students of IIT Bombay with a three-tier team structure. The core committee consists of 24 members comprising of 2 Overall Coordinators at the helm and 22 Managers. A team of over 800 Coordinators and Organisers work with their respective Managers along with around 9300 Indian College Ambassadors spread throughout India to execute and implement the splendid spectacle called Techfest.

Contact Details

  • techfest.org
  • SAC, IIT, IIT Area, Powai, Mumbai, Maharashtra , India