Swapeco is a Delhi based company (recognized as a startup by the government) with a vision to organize the recyclable waste management system in India. The current scenario is that people have a lot of trust, convenience and safety issues while selling off scrap to the local scrap collectors (kabadiwalas) due to which many people have stopped selling scrap hence leading to improper disposal of recyclable waste leaving a bad effect on the environment. Swapeco provides doorstep scrap collection service through its digital platforms (mobile application & Website) where users can schedule a doorstep scrap pickup to sell their scrap according to their own convenient date & time. The pickup is done by Swapeco verified scrap collectors who use special IoT based digital weighing scales (designed by Swapeco) and follow regulated & timely updated scrap rates. Swapeco aims to demolish the long practice of using improper ways of scrap disposal in India.

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