SpaceOrion is working towards the automation of Home, automobiles, and offices, completely based on Indian technology with on-air automatic updates and continuous connectivity. The currently available technology is very expensive and also not widely available, customization of different electronics is not easy and is majorly developed by western countries which are basically based on either English or other foreign languages otherwise, the accent is a problem for smart control with voice. These products are neither manufactured in India nor easily available at economical prices to Indian customers. The major earnings go to either the manufacturer or the developer where every second year a new model is released and old models are required to be changed making a huge waste of money as well as producing electronic waste too. 

We are also having higher goals towards adding automation in the medical field as ‘Human-computer interaction prosthetics’ for all those disabled who have lost to nature. There is a number of people out there having some disabilities in their body parts where prosthetics can play the role of a boon to them. India is lacking in this field, to provide support to these people with state of the art medical equipment and prosthetics.

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