We are a small product based start-up company, named "simple value creation Pvt. Ltd.'. We started in 2014, based out of Wadgaonsheri-Kharadi. Now everyone works from home; which will continue to be so, until the pandemic is completely over.

We work on development of web/mobile applications.

About work: since we are into web development, primarily we use following languages/tools/technologies

* Java/Spring


* Angular 10

* Python


* The development environment is Linux (Ubuntu 16.04/18)

* Eclipse - for code development

* gitlab - version control system.

Our selection process:

* We'll shortlist the candidates from the list you'd give us.

* We'll send email communication about date-time of the interview with candidates.

* Upon acceptance of interview request, there will be three of rounds of telephonic interview.

* Round 1

** Project work and programming.

** based on performance in round 1, they'll get selected for round 2.

* Round 2

** C/C++/OS/Java/Web technologies etc.

** based on performance in round 2, they'll get selected for round 3.

* Round 3

** HR round

Internships by Simple Value Creation Pvt. Ltd.

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