About the firm: Savage & Palmer is a startup that is transforming the way businesses manage their accounts, taxation and business intelligence reports. Using world-class people, processes and technology, we help SMEs professionalize their daily accounting operations and give business owners actionable insights to make informed decisions. 

Job Title – Marketing Research Internship: We are looking for fresh college post graduates/ graduates who are smart and ambitious and want to build a career in Marketing. For us, energy and passion are more important than experience and education. 

Job duties & Responsibilities: The marketing team is responsible for reaching out to new prospects. The marketing team is also responsible for qualifying and processing marketing leads for the sales team and generating summarized reports of their key findings. The day-to-day activities of a Marketing Executive include - 

● Lead sourcing - researching SMEs and start-ups and finding relevant leads 

● Researching about all types of businesses, finding relevant leads and coordinating with the team & the business owners. 

This is the ideal job for you if – 

• You have exceptional communication skills– both written and verbal 

• Driven and resourceful in finding new approaches to ensure his/her message is resonating with potential customers 

• You are curious to understand how different businesses function - you will come across a number of different business models as you evaluate prospects and, thus ,get to learn how businesses function 

● You have an insane amount of energy and are looking to work in a young and dynamic environment - the average age at our firm is 24 and everyone is passionate about their roles and wants to grow both personally and professionally 

● You want to build a career in Marketing - there is no better way to begin your career than at the forefront of sales. FYI - even our co-founder began his career in this very role 

● You want to pursue an entrepreneurial venture after 4-5 years - you will get to see and understand how a startup works from the inside while you get your hands dirty learning the ropes 

● You want to pursue an MBA after 4-5 years - you will gain multifaceted work experience that you can leverage while pursuing a good MBA degree 

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