 What is Saahayata?

Saahayata is a Socio-donation (Social Media + Donation) Platform for each of us including all NGOs/Trusts/Societies/Foundations across India. We delivered our concept to 300+ NGOs/Trusts/Societies/Foundations and most of them are ready to use our App. As we all are aware of this growing COVID, many peoples lost their jobs and became helpless. 

In this drastic situation, Team Saahayata is keeping Step Forward to help. 

 Key Features

1. Free access to App.

2. No limitations for Promoting yourself on the App.

3. Become Trustworthy in the Community by getting Verified.

4. Assistance in connecting with Individuals/NGO/Trust/Foundation/Other with a wide range of networks.

5. No Limitations to Receive any kind of Donation available on the App

6. The donor and Beneficiary can contact each other.

 Future Visions:

We are going to add these features in upcoming updates:

1. Add Volunteer Option 

2. NGO Promotion

3. Donation Rankings

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