About Passion Connect Technologies LLP (http://www.passionconnect.in):

Who Are We?

 Only 13% of the working population loves what they are

doing, the rest are doing it for the need (Source: Forbes).

Most of us let our family, friends and even neighbors’

advice, influence us in taking an incorrect decision, putting us in a field

that we are not passionate about, leaving us to face an important Question -


Passion Networking helps you interact

with people having similar mindset and passion only. We also combine advanced

psychological insight with data sciences to help individuals be more

self-aware, explore their true passion, take informed decisions and set

appropriate personal and professional goals.

At Passion Connect we help people network within their

passions / professions and combine both, keeping them focused and productive;

& aims to create an Ecosystem for the same.

The Ecosystem lets you browse through your passion,

share your thoughts and experiences, through discussions and blogs, lets you

get inspired by looking at videos of real life passion stories & later

helps you get mentorships into places that help pursue your passion & has

tools to assess and uncover your true passion & helps you with an offline

(location based) community / workshops to provide you the platform to live your


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