KhushiSeYoga is a Yoga as a service start-up providing Yoga, meditation, Laughter yoga, Stress management, counselling etc. sessions for corporates by collaborating with certified yoga instructors verified by our internal quality team.

Yoga focusses a lot on regular practice for its benefit to take shape. The various benefits which employees experience from yoga vary from breathing awareness, improved flexibility, stress and anxiety management, weight reduction, etc. within one month of our yoga sessions. Individual meditation/counselling sessions can also be undertaken on request basis.

Please check our credentials from previous assignments on our social media platform and also find attached our profile for future sessions for reference.

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/KhushiSeYoga/

Instagram : https://instagram.com/khushiseyoga

Website : https://khushiseyoga.business.site/ and http://www.khushiseyoga.com/

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