WE ARE JIO STUDIOS’ – the content-marketing-advertising arm of Reliance Jio. In the past couple of years, Jio Studios has created some of the biggest marketing campaigns in India, working with influencers across the Indian film and sports industries amongst others.

The man behind Jio Studios, Mr. Aditya Bhat is a veteran in the marketing and branded content sectors with a specialization in Integrated Marketing Communication. Amassing expertise from a wide range of industry sectors, FMCG to media, he is considered to be a pioneer in revolutionizing the way brands are communicating to their audience.

Mr. Bhat has had a teaching experience of over 17 years and has shared his experience and knowledge to more than over 10,000 students quite a few of them now leading the industry in their respective domains. He has conducted workshops and seminars for students and faculty both in some of the most premier B-Schools of India including IIMs and has been recognized as one of the most impactful speakers when it comes to Integrated Marketing Communication and Marketing Strategy.

On the professional side, he has been the man behind some of the most successful marketing campaigns in South Asia like the ad campaign “Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan” – a campaign for the biggest sporting event (IPL) in India for two consecutive years(2017 & 2018). He has also been responsible for Star’s International Marketing agenda in the UK, US and Middle East . Working with about 25+ brands, Mr. Bhat has played a pivotal role in brand communication in the country.

Mr. Bhat has also worked with the top media and production houses of India to create some of the most innovative and impactful film marketing strategies. Alongside, he has created and marketed more than 40+ Intellectual Properties on Indian television which brands have used to communicate their message to the target audience.

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