Company : Nudge 

Opportunity : Full-time Employees, Part-Time & Full-Time Paid Internship (Immediate) 

Areas/Fields : AI, Game Dev, UX, Product, Engineers (Frontend, Backend, App)

We are a small team based in SDA, South Delhi working on a product that uses AI & Gamification to help people achieve their goals. Here's a small example : https://zwift.com. The internship is open for all since most of the learning will happen on the job and the work load can be adjusted (10-50hours/week) across any (or all !) of the 7 days of the week.

Who we are looking for

We are looking for people who are interested in creating a positive impact to the world through technology :

- AI/ML Eng working on Computer Vision 

- Web & App Developers

- Product Managers 

- Game Development enthusiasts (Unity)

Who we are

We have experience in building products and have been working in or with startups to learn the ropes. We're at the stage of launching our beta product.

Technology : Gaurav Batra, AVP Technology at Limetray, NSIT(DCE) IT 13'

Product : Samvid Sharma, Senior PM @ Limetray, NSIT(DCE) CS 13'

What we are building

We believe that Gamification and AI can assist us in changing our behaviours, habits and help us achieve long-term goals while making the process more fun. 

Here's a few examples :

1. Fitness : https://zwift.com/ , Striiv Myland , 

2. Productivity : https://www.forestapp.cc/, 

3. Finance : https://www.qapital.com/

Feel free to reach out to me on my Whatsapp : 9818082537

Contact Details