No matter the extent of the disaster, Guru Restoration's handymen can clean your apartment after a flood in Toronto and the GTA. Through the use of specialized equipment, techniques and supplies, we will quickly and efficiently pump out water, dry out rooms, clean, disinfect and neutralize odours.

Experience shows that after a water or sewer break it is important to pump out the water in 1-2 hours and start drying to minimize repair costs. Delaying will aggravate the situation, so call a cleaning company as soon as the source of flooding is detected!

Guru Restoration has been removing the consequences of floods in apartments, houses, offices and nonresidential premises since 2009. Regardless of the complexity and scale of the "disaster" we work "turnkey": we pump out water, dry the room, do cleaning, disinfect and remove odors.

Flood repair and restoration of flooring in Toronto

Flooding caused by a burst pipe from the neighbors above is, unfortunately, a very common problem. Water, as a rule, easily passes through the ceiling, taking advantage of the cracks and floods the ceiling, walls, floor. Here we will talk about the latter - moreover, this problem can also be caused by a burst pipe in your home. Parquet made of natural wood is durable and beautiful, but like any wood, it is afraid of water. The sooner you begin restoration work, the more likely it is that your parquet can be salvaged with virtually no loss of quality.

If not restored professionally, it is possible that your wet parquet will swell and distort, and that it will swell. If it dries unevenly, it will "warp" and cracks may appear. Moisture will cause oxidation and growth of fungus and bacteria - your parquet will darken. Water can also destroy the glue base, which is especially true for old parquet.

What is the first thing to do with your parquet in the event of a flood?

1. First, stop exposing your parquet to water - simply wipe the floor as thoroughly and dry as possible.
2. Secondly, raise the temperature in the room and try to lower the humidity. But to dry your parquet with a stream of directed air or by other means - with a hair dryer, and especially industrial, with any directional heaters - do not.

So you can hurt by accident, leave all the professional work to our master - we recommend to call him as soon as possible.

Stages of work to restore the parquet after the bay

Before starting the work, the master must check whether the floor is completely dry. Only after it has dried, you can assess the extent of damage and the need to repair or replace certain areas. Deformed boards need to be replaced, and the whole, but lagged from the base - glued anew. The substrate beneath them should also be assessed and reinforced if necessary.

When all damaged boards are manually removed and replaced with new ones, sanding is performed. For this, we use dust-free sanders that remove a thin layer of parquet with possible bacterial and fungal deposits and damaged flooring. Then we sand the parquet and use powerful vacuums to remove the finest dust from its surface. In the last stage a new coat is applied - this can be varnish or oil.

Some nuances of restoring your parquet!

If the parquet is flooded with cold water, the chances of complete restoration are much higher. Hot water is much easier to get into all the cracks and increases the threat of deformation due to temperature effects. Even worse if the parquet is flooded with water from the heating system - it circulates specially prepared water with impurities that cause additional damage. But in any case, it is worth inviting a master - even in hopeless, at first glance, cases are often cheaper and easier to restore than to replace the parquet. However, the decision is made in each case individually and only after examination.

If it is decided to restore your parquet, all the work will take 1-3 days, depending on the area of the bay. In our work, we use only quality equipment - sanders Lägler, vacuum cleaners Kärcher and Hilti, as well as varnish for parquet Remmers and parquet glue Anser


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