The world has changed, the news hasn't.

The news sucks - we all know that. From biased coverage, to unreliable assertions and even blatant mistruths - every existing news organisation is just a different degree of bad. But every year, millions of reliable data points are collected by students around the world - for classes, personal projects and seminal papers. By itself, each dataset is worth very little, but when stacked along with hundreds of similar sets, it's worth its weight in interpretive gold. Most of this valuable data though, is trashed soon after, eliminating its massive interpretive potential. Meanwhile, we're fed immensely misleading content by the media often amplifying anecdotal or unreliable sources. At the Global Student Data Initiative, we aim to hit these two birds with one stone. We're on a mission to create the largest consortium of student-collected data in the world and tell true stories about the youth using insights generated from that data. We are pioneering the upcycling of currently wasted effort into the best source of information on the youth, for the youth.

It's time we revolutionised data story-telling.

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