Discover Template is an online portal aimed at empowering the change makers in the world. 

We are driven by a strong purpose which says: 

"Everyone on our Planet deserves to make a change in this world. Innovators & Rainmakers are not bound by age, geography, society, caste or colour. Neither they should be bound by the resources. We do our bit to empower the Change makers and engage the world. Because we believe 'You can't change the world unless you engage the world.'- 

To engage the world, we provide free presentation resources including Templates, Icons, GIFs and infographics which presenters globally can use to influence & engage their audience. 

Our platform is helping students, teachers, entrepreneurs, micro organisations, design professionals, social organisations, freelancers, web content creators and influencers.

Discover template is purely a not-for-profit initiative which is driven by contributor eco-system who can support the creation of templates.


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