Design Cafe is an award-winning Architecture & Interior Design firm based in Bengaluru with a focus on the Interior Residential segment. Their latest online venture brings to you the best designs, showcases them online, and creates easy processes to customize them for free. The DC team firmly believes that a well-designed home makes space for everything that's part of your life and that good design has the power to change the way you live, work, and play. They are working to ensure that this change should be accessible to everyone, irrespective of their project's size, budget, or location. Design cafe was founded in 2011, by award-winning architects & designers Gita Ramanan and Shezan Bhojani, who together bring more than two decades of national and international design experience to the table. A pair of workaholic entrepreneurs, they are both Innovators and Magicians alike and are driven to bring the power of design to millions of lives. Since its inception, the team of 50+ expert professionals has successfully designed over 500 projects across the country from 1000 sq.ft to 1.4 million sq.ft in size, varying in genres of individual homes, small apartments, large offices, restaurants, schools, and hotels. Working with international brands and discerning Clients ensures that they settle for nothing less than the best. They bring all this experience to every home they design. They value each home and each Client's dream for it and know how to create it. At DC, we sweat the small stuff. We believe 'God' is in the details. It's true, we're obsessed!! We get into the details, get really excited about ideas for storage, debate what the perfect shade of white is for a wall, and are totally jazzed by new and better ways of doing things. It's time you placed your home in the hands of experts!!

Contact Details

  • https://www.designcafe.com/
  • No 25, 15th Cross Rd, beside Ramakrishna Hospital, Jayanagar East, Jaya Nagar 1st Block, Jayanagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560011