Are you getting bored?

We have just designed the right fix for you.

The Closer App brings virtual discovery to college students like never before. The best thing? Users can register only their college mails, hence everyone you meet and interact with are legitimate students of their college, also Boring Uncle and aunties are simply not allowed.

Wanted to ask out your crush but couldn't because of the fear of rejection? Closer let's you anonymously confess your feelings. If your Crush likes your message, they can choose to chat with you. Your identity is revealed when you want. Who knows maybe that Ideal love story is actually made for you.

Closer also lets you swipe and match with amazing people based on interests and preferences. Best part? If you are uncomfortable putting up a photo, you can just choose to put up one of our cool avatars. No more worrying about your privacy. It's your personal life, we'll keep it personal :)

And what about the times that you are bored? Closer has the most interesting social feed. Arranged in separate topics and filter by people near you and with similar interests, you can be sure to always find witty one liners and cheeky humor here.

Closer is the new way college students are dating and meeting exciting people. What is stopping you from being Closer to your love story?

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