"COOX (pronounced as Cooks) is an online platform that lets you book professional Cooks and Chefs for Birthdays, House Parties, Special Occasions, Family Lunches, and Dinners at Home. We offer a range of cuisine from North Indian to Chinese, Italian, South Indian, Live Barbecue, and more.

We are committed to your Health and Safety. Cooks and Chefs are trained, verified, and follow best practices for COVID Safety as per WHO guidelines.

Many restaurants follow unhealthy practices like using expired groceries, serving used food, and maintaining unhygienic conditions in the kitchen. Moreover, you spend at least 6 times the cost of food when ordering online or dining out.

COOX comes to your rescue! We are on a mission to provide hygienic, cost-effective, and fantastic dining experience within the comfort of your home.

Foodies love us. Our service lets you enjoy hot and fresh food in good quantity without you getting into any kitchen hassle.

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