Bluemark Promotions (formerly known as Pearl Mechaplast) started off in 2001 as the manufacturers of concept-based corporate promotional gifts.

In the past two decades, we have come a long way in introducing a variety of marketing tools supplying to more than 25 industries.

Corporate gifting and promotional giveaways have been a proven solution in building a brand identity for decades. However, with the increasing noise in the market, the question we asked ourselves is – “Do these products add value to their daily lives or create a strong visual impression of your brand?”

At Bluemark Promotions, we developed a variety of Rotational Pen Stands, Slide Charts, Wheel Charts and promotional packaging products providing information on a variety of subjects and personalized with your branding creative.

The idea at Bluemark Promotions is to build products which have utility and add value to the recipient’s life while resonating with your brand identity.

Catering to a variety of industries such as Pharmaceuticals, Electrical, Education, Finance, Cement, Steel and more, we have developed more than 100 subjects to meet your branding and marketing needs.

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