Basil Homes is an undertaking to provide one-stop solutions to all your décor requirements. We came together with a view to help you enliven your living spaces. We understand that your home is a reflection of you, and we want to partner you in realizing that desire, in transforming your houses into homes.

Basil Homes was conceived with a view to cater to the growing needs of homeowners to personalize their living spaces. Today, people are more conscious than ever about owning signature living spaces; and age is no bar. It is not unusual to see little children picking out their favorite colors or cartoon characters or action heroes as themes for their bedroom walls, furniture, and what have you! Neither is it unusual to see that the décor of a home changes more frequently these days – to reflect a mood, a season or a special occasion in the family.

These growing needs have given rise to the demand for more décor professionals to take on the onus to provide comprehensive solutions; and here we are! Pass on your hassles of home improvement to us, sit back and watch your ideas turn into reality.

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