Basement Renovations has been in business since 2018 in Aurora, ON. We have 8 employees who will take on the toughest basement repair and finishing tasks. We are great at getting our work done on time and with good quality.

Basement Repair

A basement is a non-residential space that is often used for more than just a small additional storage area. Very often commercial and non-commercial organizations (such as stores, management company offices, repair shops, even small industries - for example, atelier or mini-shop) are located in the basement. Less frequently, but basements are also used to create living space - for example, an extra room in the house or even to organize hostels.

Depending on how the basement will be used, Basement Renovations Aurora will perform flawless quality repairs at an affordable price. Purpose of the basement will play an important role in this case, because it will depend on this type of finish, what materials and technologies will be used in the work. For example, for industrial premises will be sufficient for high-quality concrete screed floor and wall finishing. But if you are planning to make a room in the basement, it is important to take care about moisture-resistant materials and a high-quality ventilation system. Our experts will cope with any task!

Finishing materials

To decorate the basement room is very important to give preference to materials that are not afraid of moisture. That is why most often our specialists choose for this purpose:

- panels made of durable plastic;
- Ceramic tile and porcelain tiles;
- Natural and artificial stone;
- Moisture-resistant paints and plasters.

Also, any basement room, regardless of its purpose, is insulated with mineral wool. This will ensure less dampness inside the room, as well as allow people living or working on the basement floor to feel comfortable even in the most severe frosts.

What does renovation include?

In some cases (however, we must admit that this is quite rare) in basements, a light cosmetic repair, which involves only leveling of floors, walls and finishes, is enough. But more often major repairs are needed, including:

- repair of the walls, ceiling and floor;
- redevelopment;
- creation of utilities or repair of existing ones;
- arrangement of ventilation system;
- conducting sound, thermal insulation, waterproofing of the room;
finishing works.

When repairing the basement plays a big role in the implementation of strict consistency in the repair, knowledge of all the subtleties and attention to detail. This responsible approach, characteristic of the work of the team of professionals of our company Basement Renovations Aurora, ensures impeccable quality. The basement, even if it is used as a living room or utility room, will serve for a long time, without requiring any additional cost!

Cost of work

The cost of repairs at Basement Renovations Aurora will depend on the type of work, the scope of the work, the specifics of the building materials, and many other factors. Even if you order from us a premium basement repair that will turn a nonresidential room into a recreation area or store, we guarantee that the cost of services is optimal in relation to the quality of work. We guarantee completely transparent pricing and no extra fees.


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