Art Productions is a registered firm, which is into making documentaries, short films, and government advertisements. Under this firm, we do events and give PR service to people for their image building. Tea2Chat is a PR service under Art Productions for one-on-one meetings. It's not a dating platform. It's a platform to meet professionals and achievers face-to-face to get benefit from their expertise, experience, motivation, guidance, reputation/relation-building, etc. With every sip of that tea, talk every bit of your heart out, share your stories and have a life-time experience. NewsMedia47 is a media group under Art Productions. News47 is a YouTube news channel dedicated to inspire society with positive news and cover all political, social, entertainment, and sports news.

Art productions have diversified portfolio.

• In MEDIA – News 47 & Global Achievers Magazine

• In PR – www.tea2chat.com

• In EVENTS – National Excellence Award & 100 Inspiring Indians Book

• In ENTERTAINMENT – Producer of Short Movie RAAJ & many Modeling Photo Shoots

• In SOCIAL – Organizers of Online Kumbh 2021 Haridwar

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