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Internship Details

  • If you like to automate system-administration tasks in Python this opening is for you!

Role & Responsibilities
  • Working on open-source EasyEngine command-line and REST-API projects mainly. Work includes coding, support-requests, documentation and anything else you like as part of your daily routine.
  • EasyEngine is moving to Cement framework. You will be mainly working on it. Though as refactoring has not yet started, you may suggest any other library/framework.
  • (optional) Attending and speaking at different WordCamps and other community events.

Eligibility Criteria
  • In-depth knowledge of core Python is a must.
  • Ability to solve problems logically, not by trial and error.
  • Front-end: knowledge of jQuery (or any other JavaScript framework) and CSS.
  • Server-side: knowledge of any ORM wrapper in Python and some familiarity with django/flask frameworks.
  • It will be an added advantage if you have worked on REST API’s before e.g. twitter API
rtCamp does not require any certification, academic excellence or prior experience.

All you need to do is complete an assignment. If you crack the assignment, you are in!

Selection Process
  • Complete the pre-requisite python assignment.
  • Apply online using this form. The form has field to collect your assignment (github repo) URL.
  • We will test your assignment and give you feedback. In most cases, feedback will be given in form of tasks via Github.
  • Once you complete feedback, we will review your code/assignment again. There may be couple of feedback rounds before we proceed to telephonic/skype-video interview.
  • In telephone or skype-video interview, we will ask some technical as well as other questions. Most likely this will be a single round and date & time will be set as per your convince.
  • If you manage to get this far, you will be part of rtFamily! :-)
Links: Apply Now | Assignment

No. of Positions


Application Deadline

Apply by: 23rd May `15


Rs. 15000

About Company

rtCamp is web-development agency started back in 2009 with focus on WordPress. In last 5 years, rtCamp has worked on more than 500 client projects and launched few products. rtCamp is known for its products, rtMedia and EasyEngine, and it's contribution to open-source. rtCamp has contributed to every WordPress release since versiob 3.5. Apart from that rtCamp's publicly accessible knowldeg-base is used by hundreds of thousands system admins and developers worldwide.

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