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Internship Details

The internship will pay you 12k/month plus bonus for every project you complete. This is a 6 month internship with option to extend to full-time job after 6 months.

Please apply if you have basic knowledge of the technologies listed below:




Knowledge of Rails would be an added advantage.

Job Perks

1. Weekly Badminton Sessions.

2. Table Tennis

3. Team outing

No. of Positions


Application Deadline

Apply by: 13th Apr `17


Rs. 12000-12000

About Company

We are a very young startup of 4 members located in Bangalore, with me planning to hire 1 intern to become a 5 member team :).

We have a good client base and enough work lined up for at least 6 months of internship. You can find our work and technologies we work on www.inkoop.in. It is not a very extensive company, but you will get to learn a lot about web technology.

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