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Internship Details

About Internship:

About Us
Codingeek is a programmers blog where we publish technical and how-to articles to help other programmers learn and apply knowledge in their daily life.
We try to be to the point and provide the articles in an easy to understand and clear language.

Currently, we are hiring for Python 3 tutorial series.

Your command of the Python programming language and ability to write good explanatory programs is very essential. Having a good command of the English language is also required.
Having prior experience in writing articles is very much appreciated although not necessary.
Please share your LinkedIn profile, other details that you think will help us in shortlisting your profile and if available, a reference to already written articles.

In this process, we will connect with you and go through the details of work, your expectations, stipend, and all other details that might be of interest before we continue.

Generally, we do not hire final year students because of placements, projects and other tasks, so in case you are a final year student and still want to apply please make sure that you have the availability for the next 3 months.

Roles and Responsibilities:

1. Write in-depth detailed tutorials that are not copied/plagiarised
2. Create clear and easy to understand programs
3. Consistently write 3-5 articles a week.
4. Share the article on social media, StackOverflow, with your friends etc.


1. Working on your own time
2. Great learning opportunities as you read in detail to write in details which eventually helps in better knowledge and helps during placements.
3. Pay according to your work i.e. if you can contribute more, you can earn more.
4. Online hosted certificate.
5. You will learn how to use Wordpress and write articles.

No. of Positions


Skills Required

Application Deadline

Apply by: 31st Jan `21


Rs. 2000-5000

About Company

Codingeek.com is a start to teach programming in the easiest and effective way. Here we try to write any content like we are teaching a person sitting right in front of us.

We try our best to write content in the best possible way.

We hope you will help us teaching programming to the world in the best and easiest way possible.

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