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Internship Details

About Internship:

Sciensation is impacting school education by replacing the paradigm of “experts teach student” with “senior learners teach junior learners”. The teaching at Sciensation Activity Center is carried out by a young team. Sciensation is a young organization (team is under 26) with a flat hierarchy. All the major academic/ business / operational strategies are brainstormed with the entire team. The organization offers good opportunities for both intellectual and professional development, through weekly dialogues, monthly competitions. Sciensation team/students adore Feynman for his curiosity/anti-authoritarian values.

Desired Skills, Knowledge and Experience
- Good subject background of Mathematics or Science.
- Openness to learning/ideas.
- Strong inter-personal strategic communication and dialoging skills.
- Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and Logical Thinking

Desired Personality Traits/ Mindset
- Perseverance and trusting the process of long term gestation.
- Ability to evolve insights from a clutter of information, while presenting to stakeholders.
- Ability to read situations and play cards accordingly, to strike collaborations.
- Originality of communication and independent thinking.
- Openness to perspectives and a flair for philosophy.

Sciensation Literature

Roles and Responsibilities:

1. Teach students using research-based learning methodologies
2. Train teachers on research-based learning methodologies
3. Conduct orientation sessions for parents/teachers/school management on research-based learning
4. Organize Socratic dialogue competitions to promote research culture
5. Troubleshoot/counsel problems of parents/teachers/schools
6. Reach out to the press to cover inspiring stories regarding the research-based activities
7. Reach out to any other organization which may have to collaborate, to realize this vision


Sciensation Training
The following skills are essential for successful execution of the roles/responsibilities and Sciensation shall train the Fellows on the following areas.
- An understanding of various philosophies of Education, to have a larger context for learning.
- An understanding of Philosophy of Science/Maths/Language, to see the bigger picture.
- The ability to base decisions/strategies based on the data driven insights.
- Diagnostic skills and the ability to prototype ideas.
- People Management Skills and handholding capabilities.

No. of Positions


Application Deadline

Apply by: 15th Jul `18


Rs. 22500-27500

About Company

Sciensation is an IISER alumni venture which brings the best academic practices from universities like MIT / Harvard / IISERs to Indian schools. Sciensation is probably the only education organization to introduce kids to Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Mathematics and Philosophy of Language, at school level. This has enabled Sciensation to get 4th graders to develop Design Thinking projects, 6th graders to do a skit on Differential Calculus and in getting 7th graders to take on college students, in a competition on Eric Ries Lean Startup (to reduce product dev cycle).

TEDx talk of Mr Tarun, Founder, sciensation.tv

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