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Internship Details

About the role:

You will be the part of highly energetic and innovative team at Bangalore. You will be responsible for designing scalable server components and client side SDKs that operate at thousands of transactions per second and millions per day. At Juspay, you will not only learn latest technologies but will develop the core product. You will strive for keeping Juspay’s engineering practices unique and up to date ahead of the industry eg. adopting functional programming approaches, extreme automation of infrastructure etc. 


1) You will be building and managing large scale transactional systems in production.

2) Design and deliver scalable web services, APIs and backend data modules. 

3) Understand RDBMS (like MySQL) and NoSQL, including database schema design, query design and optimization and performance tuning.

4) Understand requirements and develop reusable code .

5) Attention to detail and a passion for getting it right for the customer.

6) Developing applications with Agile team methodologies preferred

7) Stay current with latest tools, technology ideas and methodologies; share knowledge by 

clearly articulating results and ideas to key decision makers. 

Why Juspay?

You get the opportunity to work in a free liberal environment with some of the best engineers and entrepreneurs. We live & breathe the art of building amazing products with impeccable engineering. We

have heavily invested on new methods of engineering using Functional Programming/FRP and Big Data systems. We want more innovators and a little bit of madness to take it further.

No. of Positions


Skills Required

Application Deadline

Apply by: 30th Aug `17


Rs. 20000-20000

About Company

Enable secure 1-click payments that the billion people in India will use everyday. We power payments for leading brands processing more than 4M transactions per month.

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