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Internship Details

About Internship:

Team Glocalex is looking for a Social Media Manager (beginner/ experienced) who has sufficient knowledge about social media platforms (especially LinkedIn & Instagram) and can handle them smoothly and maintain continuous engagement. . Online, unpaid internship

Roles and Responsibilities:

1. Manage multiple social media accounts
2. Find out and implement various marketing strategies to deliver the message of Glocalex in creative ways.
3. Multitasking & spontaneity
4. Oversee day-to-day management of the page


1. Certificate of Internship
2. Enhanced social media skills
3. LOR & Extension of internship in case of outstanding performance
4. Build up your personal & professional references
5. Employability skills such as negotiation, assertiveness, problem-solving, teamwork, leadership skills, confidence & project planning
6. Develop soft skills & communication.

No. of Positions


Application Deadline

Apply by: 30th Apr `21


Rs. 0

About Company

As we all know our society is a heterogeneous mixture of all kinds of people and systems where law plays the role of maintaining an equilibrium between both. Intervening in developing agreed ways of controlling recurrence of disputes in a society hence, making the lives of the people living together more cohesive. 

Glocalex is a Legal Research and Educational Community inspired from a consequential legal research perspective directed towards creating a world which embraces a more constructive research environment in the legal discipline. To us, the quality of research takes precedence over any other aspect of research work.  We are an educational platform providing users with extensively researched Legal Articles and immersive findings from all across the globe. It is a pioneer in its field and specializes in providing reputable content to its users. It’s a project aimed to critically analyse the Laws of the World.

We at Glocalex as a legal community are integrating, analysing and establishing inclusive legal database at a glocal level every day, being the jurisprudential axis of the world, we are aiming to provide our readers as well as trainees an opportunity to get involved in divergent work fields and creative environment allowing them to be more dynamic, confident and gain new skills and bring an exponential rise in their learning curve.

At our core, we aim to create inclusive and impactful legal database at a glocal level every day, reinventing what’s possible. Attracting more passionate people and taking quality legal research to another level- one that is unrivalled in its independence. For everyone involved with Glocalex, whether we deal in legal research or legal findings, the integrity and essence of our work comes first.

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