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Would you have interests in making some serious money without disrupting your regular schedule? 

Would you be interested in further improving your presentation, persuasion and communication skills to prepare you better for that crucial job hunt in a few months/ years?

Would you not want take a mighty lead from your colleagues by adding solid experience in your CV even before you complete your college – All good companies love to talk to a student with REAL industry experience.

This is REAL. 

TopChalks offers you all of above. You don’t need any contacts, you don’t need any investments, you don’t need to disrupt your daily routine. Yet….Yet you can make some honestly Good, Steady money (if Rs. 7,000 to Rs. 20,000/- or even more per month attracts your attention)

And you don’t need to step out of your home to earn some money while gaining in experience.

What you need to do is to just call a few students per day. You don’t need to hunt for anyone, you will be provided with all the contact details of school students. You need to persuade them to adapt to technology to enhance their learning. You don’t need to follow any regular hours – call per your convenience. You don’t need to go to an office, you call from your home. Of course the more you call, the greater are chances of earning more. You can work for as little as ONE hour a day or up to 6 hours a day. Evening time is the BEST time for approaching students, so you can finish your studies / college and work during your spare time.

You will be provided with product training, you will be trained on your pitch, you will have group discussions to identify strengths and opportunities in different case scenarios. In essence, you will prepare yourself for future. In the process, you will have the opportunity to earn steady, regular, attractive income.

TopChalks is a leading brand in Digital Education with a patented technology that brings a paradigm shift in learning for senior school students We started our technology development in California - USA , developed digital content specific to Indian education system. Our technology was good enough for DFJ (www.DFJ.com) to invest in TopChalks (DFJ is a Paulo Alto /California based investment org that specializes in identifying potential leader start ups, it has investments in hugely successful organizations like TESLA, SPACEx (both headed by Elon Musk), Baidu, Twillo, Yammer, SolarCity, Twitter, Skype to name a few). A pioneer in Digital Education, TopChalks has received several awards and recognitions from industry that includes NASSCOM Emerge 50 award, AlwaysOn Global 250 list and many others. We are preferred Technology Partners with Intel.

TopChalks has over 2500 hours of Digital Content created by some of the Best Teachers from the best institutions/ schools. This includes self learning content for CBSE classes IX, X, XI and XII. We also have excellent digital content for IIT test preparation as well as for other Engineering entrance examinations. We have our presence in over 20 cities across India. Our partnership programme is hugely successful and has established TopChalks as a preferred brand for learning by over 1,00,000/- students every year. Over 350 Jawahar Navoday Vidyalay schools are using TopChalks content for their students – we all know excellent results they get year after year. Just to mention this years’ results – over 90% students from JNV who appeared for IIT mains exams were selected – This is some sort of a record and speaks volumes of our content quality.

So what do you require for a start? No Investment, no Security, no Bond. You need right attitude and desire to improve yourself for future career while making some good money. You need to have basic communication skills, patience and perseverance. And a phone. 

Please Call if you have interest in above. I look forward to a brief discussion over phone.

Nishant Malhotra


Cell : - +91 92 89 678 678

 +91 92 66 66 1813

No. of Positions


Skills Required

Application Deadline

Apply by: 10th Jan `17


Rs. 5000-7000

About Company

Topchalks is a company formed four years ago. The CEO is Mr Rajiv Malhotra & had been previously funded by DFJ. The technology and the platform has been developed in USA and Topchalks is one of the 1st companies in India to start in the field of Education . More than 1 lakh students register every year and is growing. With over 300+ JNV schools all over India & also Top academy from Big cities like Hyderabad & Patna.

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