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01 Sales Performance 

(a) Implementation of all Sales strategies, policies, processes and procedures in order to facilitate achieving the Sales or exceeding the volume growth.

(b) Identify business opportunities in Indian markets e.g. customer prospects, the probable expansion sectors ,business entities as well as changes in trade policies /business environment in a region or country that can create considerable business, 

and participate with Management in negotiating long term agreements in line with the Groups vision, mission and strategy.

(c) To create supply chain solution templates for customers from various business entities

(a) Documentation, implementation and monitoring of the sales strategy 

(b) Business opportunities identified that are converted by negotiations into customers.

(c) Supply chain solution templates created. 

02 Market Research

(a) Ensure ongoing market research is conducted and collect relevant market intelligence related to IAL products and services and conduct SWOT analysis to bring improvements to IAL product and service offerings. Direct the Customer Research to 

obtain a clear and insightful understanding of their behaviour and needs.

(b) Disseminate real time market intelligence to the Sales staff in operating branches in order to generate appropriate responsive and proactive action plans

(c) Analyse competitive marketing activities and develop counter action plans to ensure IAL maintains its competitive position in the market place 


(a) Market research provides timely feedback and market reports to aid marketing decision making. 

(b) Market intelligence is disseminated timely and is relevant.

(c) Competitive marketing activities are analysed and action plans are documented and implemented. 

03 Relationships 

(a) Responsible for nurturing and maintaining good relationships with all types of Customers, potential customers and other stakeholders in order to establish a sound customer infrastructure for the sales teams to exploit.

(b) Maintain good working relationships with government authorities e.g. Chamber of Commerce, Customs, Ports etc. in order to facilitate smooth working processes.


(a) Relationships are developed and work to the advantage of the Group.

(b) Increase in number of relationship developed and their impact on business

04 Management Information Systems

(a) Ensure that a comprehensive computerised Management Information System is implemented satisfactorily to ensure vital information on the trading business to facilitate monitoring, control and decision making related to the business.


(a) A comprehensive computerized MIS system is in place and provides timely and accurate information needed by the business SCOPE AND IMPACTS

No. of Positions


Application Deadline

Apply by: 6th Jan `18


Rs. 10000-30000

About Company

RK Media Inc, is a web development and marketing company incorporated in Mumbai, India. With over 15 years of experience in the field, the team at RK Media Inc, have passionately created endless attractive and profitable projects for large and small organizations around the globe.

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