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Internship Details

About Internship:

We are searching for a committed, deadline-driven Sales Intern to join our excellent Sales team. The Sales Intern will complete all tasks assigned by the Manager, which may include conducting market research, identifying business opportunities, managing email campaigns, generating sales leads, making cold calls, participating in meetings, and assisting the Sales department wherever possible. You should be able to take instruction, but also work unsupervised when required.

To be successful as a Sales Intern, you should be willing to learn as much about the company as possible and be able to spot opportunities that have been overlooked by others. Outstanding Sales Interns are problem solvers who know the value of building lasting, professional relationships with clients.

Roles and Responsibilities:

1. Working closely with the Manager or assigned staff member, and completing all allocated tasks.
2. Conducting desktop research, or gathering information through surveys or by speaking to clients and staff.
3. Attending and participating in meetings, workshops, events, and exhibitions.
4. Liaising with clients, vendors, and suppliers on behalf of the company's managers.
5. Updating documents and sales records.
6. Reviewing sales performance against sales targets.
7. Observing and carrying out sales processes.
8. Identifying potential weaknesses and offering improvement suggestions.
9. Assisting managers with negotiations.
10. Keeping a log of everything learned and delivering presentations to staff and other stakeholders.


1.Very Good Incentives
2.Flexible working hours
3. Daily, Weekly & monthly payouts

No. of Positions


Application Deadline

Apply by: 30th Nov `20


Rs. 5000-15000

About Company

“Data is not enough to touch the heights, you need a name that can portray you as the brand amongst the world edges.”


Brand Kro is a specialist agency, so if professionalism and competence are the priority of your business then we are the perfect destination for brands. 


As for technology, we don’t use those dim and monotonous tactics that other competitors are using because that’s just a race to the bottom. We at Brand Kro focus on taking your brand to the new heights where no one could touch and doubt brands establishment and competency.

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