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Internship Details

About Internship:

We are seeking a Research assistant / Virtual Assistant who can understand , learn and adapt to the changing nature of the requirements presented to him/her. The candidate must have mental mobility and adequate time to come up with multiple answers to the myriad of situations/scenarios that will be furnished to him/her. The candidate will be constantly challenged and adequately compensated for the amount of satisfactory work he/she is able to deliver in the shortest time possible. It can involve plain routine work, repetitive administrative work or a challenging research assignment, the candidate must have the desire to learn and challenge the status quo.The candidate must have the ability to learn via open source platforms and come up with unique solutions incorporating a hint of his/her personality in the overall effort. To be honest , we are seeking for long term association with only those candidates who have the capability to prove himself/herself in this initial round. Lets roll!!

Roles and Responsibilities:

1. Research assistant
2. Virtual assistant
3. Everything in between.
4. The ability to challenge set assumptions and deliver based on requirement.( Adequate time might be given, might not be given).
5. Fire in the belly!!


1. This one time gig can also be converted to a recurring event if we both enjoy working together, learning together and growing together.
2. To be mentored by an industry expert,polymath and strategist in not just your professional field that you want to pursue in your life but also in your personal affairs(If we ever get that close) to help you create a balanced life full of happiness, challenges and excitement.

No. of Positions


Application Deadline

Apply by: 11th Jul `20


Rs. 5000-15000

About Company

I am an individual consultant working with many of the Fortune 500 companies ,various governmental organizations and independent board of directors across the globe.  I believe in simplicity and self learning and have fabricated my own simple processes and techniques to reach my targets and achieve my goals . With experience ranging from design thinking to statistical analysis, from Psychology to strategy, from Innovation to Implementation, I like to broaden the horizon of my clients with an abstract top-view approach to make them understand the big picture first. Let's discuss something interesting:

 1. In 1987, the Canadian management scientist Henry Mintzberg distinguished five visions of strategy for organisations. He called them the 5 P’s of Strategy. They stand for Plan, Pattern, Position,Ploy and Perspective . Considering them briefly :-

      (a) Strategy as plan – a directed course of action to achieve an intended set of goals.

      (b) Strategy as pattern – a consistent pattern of past behaviour ,with a strategy realized over time

      rather than planned or intended.

      (c) Strategy as position – locating brands, products, or companies within the market, based on the

      conceptual framework of consumers or other stakeholders.

      (d) Strategy as ploy – a specific manoeuvre intended to outwit a competitor.

      (e) Strategy as perspective – executing strategy based on a "theory of the business" or natural

      extension of the mindset or ideological perspective of the organization.

2.  If you gravitate to any of the statements made above, you can understand what i do for living.I use technology to help organizations convert their strategy into results they are seeking for. Lets talk and discuss. 

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