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Internship Details

About Internship:

We look forward to intern who can execute Research Analyst, Crash-course Co-coordinator, and Academic Networking & Blog writing.

Skills Required
? Prior basic understanding of the Climate Change & ecology domain is preferred
? Academically oriented and have an aptitude for Research & analysis
? Reasonable command in English but comfort in Hindi will have an advantage (for translation)

Roles and Responsibilities:

Job Description:
? Assisting the director with extensive research online to collect useful data, fact-checking, summary analysis of research papers etc.
? Closely work with the director on research for Crash Course content development and presentation
? Create database and networking with relevant organizations, Climate change scholars, policy experts, journalists, Movements, youth groups, colleges, Green businesses, politicians etc.


? A fantastic experience for those who seek a comprehensive & socially relevant challenge
? Flexible working hours and work from home
? Will receive credits on the company website & YouTube channel (TBD) along with experience certificate on satisfactory performance
? May continue working with us in mutual best interest
? Preference will be given to a candidate who shares our sensitivity, interest, passion and prior basic understanding of the issues concerned with Ecology, Climate Change etc.
? The JD criteria above are ideal, you may only mention and elaborate those skills where you are more confident about

No. of Positions


Application Deadline

Apply by: 1st Jul `20


Rs. 2000-3000

About Company

Company: Climate Transition Catalyst (CTC) 

Website: www.climatetransitions.com 

Linkdin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/climatetransitioncatalyst/ 

A YouTube Channel: Transition By Design (TBD) – (TO BE LAUNCHED SOON) 

Address: Chembur, Mumbai.

About CTC:

Leading scientists of the world have come together twice in the last 28 years to warn about the dangers of humanity’s current path, the risks of transgressing critical Planetary Boundaries and the need to urgently acknowledge climate emergency that is jeopardizing the very survival of life as we know on planet Earth. The complexity of the modern human society rests on the narrow range of climate stability since last 12000 years which is now being dangerously altered by trajectory of our complexity ridden modern industrial civilization. Climate Change thus has the potential to severely disrupt the edifice which sustains modernity and demands humanity to adapt and learn to do things differently very soon. 

But focusing only Climate Change alone will not avert the twin existential crisis of Societal Collapse & Sixth Mass Extinction facing Planet Earth & humanity. The complete picture & implications of this reality is poorly understood globally across social classes. Moreover the perspective on this issue is dominated by the developed nations & western cultures with a marginal input from the global south. The cumulative consequence of it is the neglect of carbon emission mitigations efforts in domestic policies and display of weak political will at international negotiation forums. It is time we acknowledge that nothing short of global systemic overhaul can give humanity and all other life forms another chance. In this endeavor we at Climate Transition Catalyst (CTC) – are making a modest effort at raise the consciousness of the citizens towards this planetary scale crisis through the following platforms: 

 www.climatetransitions.com 

A website sharing relevant blogs, database, host TBD videos-summaries-reading list etc. 

 Transitionbydesign (TBD) 

The channel aspires to be among India’s first digital platforms dedicated exclusively to help understand the fast changing world (with a focus on South Asia India) through the lens of Global Crisis & Climate Change in order to bring the complexity of the Climate science for everyone in a palatable form through an orientation & in-depth Crash Course lecture series.

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