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Internship Details

Roles and Responsibilities

1. Handling Customer communications via calls, emails etc.

2. Order Processing right from receipt of the Order, customer communication, route planning for the delivery batch, coordinating the delivery and ensuring orders reach customer

3. Customer reach out for feedback, upsell and cross sell

4. Constant customer engagement via customer call backs and emails

5. Analyze the customer buying and behavior data to come up with customer insights

Skills Required

1. Exceptional communication skills with both written and spoken English

2. Organized, detail oriented and eye to detail

3. Passion, empathy and ability to think from customer’s stand point

No. of Positions


Application Deadline

Apply by: 16th Dec `16


Rs. 5000-7000

About Company


An Agri-tech platform for connecting buyer and farmers using technology. Jivabhumi is an IIM-Bangalore incubated Social enterprise founded by 3 Software professionals turned agri-entrepreneurs. They are on mission to provide “Better Livelihood for Farmers and Safe food for Consumers” by connecting the farmers and consumers using technology.

What Problem is Jivabhumi Solving

Several of our small and marginal farmers despite following traditional and natural (Chemical and Pesticide Free) farming methods get < 30% of the price paid by the consumers due to complex supply-chain thus negatively impacting farmer livelihood. On the other-hand, consumers find it difficult to get safe and healthy food free from chemicals and pesticides. Traceability and Transparency is compromised in the food supply and retail chain.

How are we Solving the problem

Jivabhumi (www.jivabhumi.com) works directly with small and marginal farmers that grow food using natural and traditional methods without using chemicals and pesticides. We provide market access to such farmers and ensure that farmers get between 50-70% of the price paid by consumers thus impacting the farmer livelihood. Consumers can buy safe, healthy and affordable food directly from farmers via our online technology platform https://shop.jivabhumi.com. The platform provides complete transparency and traceability of the food value chain for consumers.

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