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Internship Details

About Internship:

We are uniquely positioned to be the best company to execute things as mentioned. Through Scaler Academy we have created a community of ~700k software developers across 6 Geographies.

Apart from that, we have tie ups with 550+ companies in India, Europe, SEA and US who rely on us for their tech hiring. Our instructors come from companies like Facebook, Amazon, Directi and are some of the best in the business.

Roles and Responsibilities:

1) Regularly produce various content types, including email, social
media posts, blog posts and case studies
2) Researching industry-related topics (combining online sources,
interviews and studies)
3) Use SEO best practices to generate traffic to our site
4) Write clear marketing copy to promote our products/services
5) Proofread content for errors and inconsistencies ensuring quality,
clarity, and relevance.
6) Edit and polish existing content to improve readability
7) Co-ordinating or Creating target-oriented content for marketing
collaterals (newspaper articles, press releases, presentations, etc.),
website, blogs, social media, e- mailers, articles, online ads, etc.
8) Identify customers’ needs and recommending new content to
address gaps in the company's current content
9) Collaborate with other departments to create innovative content
10) Answering queries and comments on various platforms


1.Internship Certificate

No. of Positions


Application Deadline

Apply by: 30th May `20


Rs. 12000-15000

About Company

Previously known as InterviewBit Academy, Scaler Academy is a 6-month online career accelerator to help people to take their careers to the next level without any educational, geographical, or financial constraints. Our students don’t have to pay anything until they get a well-paid job at the top companies.


- 18-35 LPA, salary range of Scaler alumni

- 300% average jump in alumni salaries

- 300+ teaching faculties and support staff

Hiring Partners

Scaler students have been hired at Amazon, Flipkart, Traveloka, Razorpay, MindTickle, and many more companies.

Industry vetted curriculum

We have reverse engineered Scaler's curriculum by talking to the top product companies and understanding what skills the industry needs the most right now. 

Get personalised guidance from the best in the business

Scaler Academy is more than a program - Scaler is a community of dedicated instructors, teaching assistants, industry mentors, career coaches, and the students themselves. 

Program Details

Our approach focuses on a simple but rigorous learning program:

- Live and interactive classes

- Practice sessions with teaching assistants and fellow students

- 1:1 mentorship with industry experts

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