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Internship Details

Sales & Marketing 

1. Manage the email newsletter (new feature announcement, upgrades/upsells, introduce app partners, lapsed user notes, etc).

2. Maintain/manage the Facebook, Twitter, Google+ accounts.

3. Find affordable sources of traffic with positive ROI. Create/manage all PPC campaigns (Google, FB, Tw, StumbleUpon, Reddit, LinkedIN). 

4. Setup and track key metrics using Google Analytics.

5. Lead generation through portals, FB, blogs etc. 

6.Set up meetings with prospective customer groups - Fitness centers, Gyms, Corporates 

7. Send emails to bloggers, writers, domain specialists, etc to try to get PR or partnerships

8. Marketing & PR events 

9. CRM

No. of Positions


Application Deadline

Apply by: 8th Apr `17


Rs. 10000-15000

About Company

PNUT is India's only fitness oriented holistic nutrition provider. PNUT is your chef, nutritionist, mentor and motivator, all in one. Our team carefully designs and deliver balanced meal plans, based on who you are and your fitness goal. And no, we don't forget about your taste buds. A healthy lifestyle which is convenient, effortless and knocks at your doorstep.In addition, we also support, guide and motivate throughout the entire transformation journey.

Five years in the making, we have experienced it all when it comes to unbalanced nutrition and unhealthy eating. With our penta meal principle we were able to get it right without compromising on taste and quality. Instead of curbing our desires to eat our favorite foods (read: pizzas), we were able to develop their healthy versions and include them in our training plans. Expanding the idea with the team of on-board nutritionists and star chefs we extend the service forward to bring the most easy, interesting, and tastiest option to get fit, with pnut.fit

PNUT meals are made from 100% natural ingredients, without the use of any preservatives or processed foods. With scientific nutrition designing and Toyota's just in time principle we deliver the healthiest and freshest of meals.


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