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Internship Details

We are looking for Business Development, Marketing & Finance Intern with excellent communication. Eligible person will partake in researching various industries for marketing data and potential clients along with business development.

The intern should be prepared to work in a fast-paced team environment, and will finish the internship having gained experience in various aspects of business development, marketing, communications, market research and lead generation.

Key skills & Responsibilities:

Excellent good communication and interpersonal skill,

Two wheeler is mandatory for Marketing Intern Position,

Update, maintain Vendor database and marketing leads

Aid in preparations for Industry Trade Shows and City Launches

Maintain metrics around timelines of on-boarding and come up with solutions to improve this.

Communicate critical partner and product information to relevant teams such as Supply Operations, Marketing & Creatives

Other Details:-

Stipend: ₹ 3,000 – ₹ 5,000 per month

Minimum Duration: 3 months

Number of open positions: 2

Eligibility: UG/PG Students

Language : English,Kannada & Hindi

If the intern meets the objectives that will be determined at the start of the internship, he will be offered a permanent position .

No. of Positions


Application Deadline

Apply by: 5th Feb `17


Rs. 3000-5000

About Company

Nutrivor Organic products comes from Indian soil with love and tradition. We are India's first certified organic snack producers. Over the last few decades, our diet and lifestyle have changed radically. We now live at a faster pace and often seem to lack time for balanced regular meals. For many of us processed meals have replaced simple nourishing whole foods. Most of the food we intake on daily basis contain irrational use of pesticides and chemicals which will cause major diseases in long term. Organic foods often have more beneficial nutrients, such as antioxidants, than their conventionally-grown counterparts. Nutrivor thrives to help people combine good nutrition with modern living by providing Organic Processed ready to eat snacks.

Some of our products are grown by people living and farming in a traditional manner and we choose suppliers that support these producers who care for the nature with sustainable practices. We look for these foods, and have them processed in a way that keeps as much nutrition as possible while making them convenient for you to use. Nature's finest foods it's what we do and connect big missing links to Health.

Nutrivor is started by upcoming entrepreneurs and are committed to improving the quality of organic food products. They are ably supported by an experienced team of FMCG sales professionals and a highly qualified and experienced advisory board. It is their vision and commitment that drives Nutrivor to deliver the highest quality of organic products to its consumers and to be a conscientious brand.

Nutrivor vision is to be the foremost to market certified organic food and to promote a healthier lifestyle. We are on a mission to make organic food the food of choice for health-conscious and environment-conscious consumers and to make it easily available through a sound distribution network.

We are also committed to encourage and help farmers to go organic, thereby building and sustaining a better environment. For this, Nutrivor constantly strives to create a market for organic products such that organic farmers get a fair premium for their produce. Nutrivor is also committed to supporting micro-enterprises especially that of women entrepreneurs.

Over the long term, Nutrivor is looking at building local supply chain networks so as to reduce the carbon foot-print with time. In this way, we are looking at supporting the individual, the environment and the society through all that we do.

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