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Internship Details

This internship is offered to candidate for making marketing infrastructure for placing a software product / service and a social service in the market. This is truly marketing (Not Sales) intership requiring good conceptual skills about marketing functions. It would involve identification and segmentation of market, development of appropriate strategies and marketing material for eventual introduction of the product / service in coming future. 

This is an office job but would require some interaction with existing / new customers information gathering purposes. Local travel (once / twice a week) may be required.  

Candidates should have good grasp of marketing / advertising concepts and a flair of writing / presentation. They would be required to lay foundation for social media marketing for the product as well. 

No. of Positions


Skills Required

Application Deadline

Apply by: 15th Jan `18


Rs. 10000-10000

About Company

Kahani Technologies Private Limited is in business of building and supporting large software solutions. The scope of activities includes business process re-engineering, IT solutions and complete implementation responsibilities. We provide a bridge between high end management consulting to software solutions. 

Eternal – ERP Without Boundaries - is our flagship ERP product / service marketed under name Eternal. The product has been designed on a unique service model with change as the key driver. Eternal has a special delivery model where all new upgrades are selectively delivered to customer via Internet. Eternal is a large product (About one million lines of Software code). It is an evolving product in which new features / modules are constantly being added and implemented. 

Eternal is implemented at the customers end as a service. It is in operation at diverse type of factories including Mobile Manufacturing, Domestic appliances manufacturing, Project based Engineering Firms, Forging Industries etc. All customers of Eternal are medium sized companies.

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