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Internship Details

Selected intern's day-to-day responsibilities include:

1. Branding of Gambit Media Events on Digital Media, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

2. Research, analyse & develop B2C Business, Marketing & Communication plans to reach & recruit targeted delegates in a cost effective and discrete manner in key countries

3. Research, analyse & develop B2B Business, Marketing & Communication plans to select and academic, professional, business & marketing organisations and companies as potential partners

No. of Positions


Application Deadline

Apply by: 24th Nov `17


Rs. 5000-10000

About Company

Gambit Media Network is the definitive source for trends in alternative and risky investing. It is the industry's largest consolidator of sectoral news, content and information, as well as a multifaceted corporation that creates, produces, aggregates and disseminates unparalleled content for consumers as well as the business side of the alternative investing industry. In addition, Gambit perennially sets the industry standard for live trade and fan events in the region. Coming October, Gambit will produce a quadruple state-of-the-art events in Bangalore, India, that include the Gambit Bitcoins Conference, the Gambit Domain Names Conference, the Gambit Digital Branding Conference and will culminate in the Gambit Industry Awards!