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Internship Details

About Internship:

Being a leader is inevitable for an entrepreneur, and we at BITS Pilani Hyderabad Campus acknowledge that very well. Hence, we proudly present to you the CAMPUS AMBASSADOR PROGRAM for our annual entrepreneurship summit- LAUNCHPAD 2019.
LAUNCHPAD is among the biggest entrepreneurship summits in the Telangana and Karnataka region and has received recognition from many corporate tycoons, acclaimed entrepreneurs and national media houses. Since its inception, Launchpad has always exceeded the expectations and has been a proud host to guests like Mr. Hari Menon (CEO, BigBasket), Mr. Sachin Gupta (CEO, HackerEarth), Mr. Sathyarth Priyedarshi (Head of Marketing, JioChat) etc joining us for a confluence brimming with the spirit of entrepreneurship. The summit swears to be an excellent platform for young entrepreneurs to learn, network and interact with a community of like-minded individuals through a multitude of events ranging from hackathons, panel-discussions, start-up expo and much more being conducted at the summit.
As a campus ambassador we expect you to undertake two responsibilities:
1. Publicize – Expand the reach of LAUNCHPAD among your networks and beyond by using creative online and offline publicity strategies.
2. Participate – Ensure enthusiastic participation from your institute at the summit. You need to get at least 100 registrations for the summit, out of which we’ll shortlist 50 based on the candidature they present to us.
This is an urge to everyone who envisions herself/himself as a capable leader and eventually, a successful entrepreneur, come lead your contingent into what will be one of the most exciting events you’ll ever witness! There’s an opportunity to grow, to nurture and manifest the latent entrepreneur that lives within you.

Roles and Responsibilities:

1. Be the face of E-Cell BITS Pilani Hyderabad on your campus managing all communications on our behalf
2. Spreading the word about the various event, workshops and competitions among the college students.
3. Working with the marketing team closely to strategize the campaign tailored specifically
to the college.
4. Sharing about every new event in on various Social Media handles groups
5. Giving details about college clubs (cultural and technical)
6. Get us a good number of participants from your college


Rewards and incentives:
1. Get free entry to all workshops conducted by E-Cell
2. Free passes and accommodation for LAUNCHPAD (Entrepreneurship Summit) and other events conducted by E-Cell
3. Internship opportunities with partner companies and sponsors
4. Merchandise and vouchers based on performance
5. Career advisory, mentorship and interaction with some top entrepreneurs, mentors and inuencers.
6. Monetary incentives based on performance
7. Letter of Recommendation

Learning opportunities:
1. Improve your communication skills
2. Improve your marketing skills
3. Get good exposure and guidance from mentors
4. Development of leadership and creative skills

No. of Positions


Application Deadline

Apply by: 30th Jan `19


Rs. 0

About Company

E-Cell, BPHC is a student body comprising of dedicated and fervent members striving to find an entrepreneur among every individual. We envision to imbibe the spirit of entrepreneurship among students and help them acquire knowledge and skills that would help them to successfully develop a venture as they go down the path of entrepreneurship. In the process of achieving this, E-Cell conducts a wide array of activities, ranging from events related to management, entrepreneurial situations and B-Plan competitions to E-Summit (LaunchPad). 

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